Gaming Labor group seeks smoking ban compromise

MacauA gaming labor group in Macau says it is open to the idea of smoking lounges on the main floors of the city’s casinos so long as the lounges are based on “tough technical standards” that protect  workers.

A spokesman for the group who was quoted in news reports there said members have been made aware of the fact that a full  tobacco ban could further erode the earning power of casinos that employ the group’s 1,700 workers most of whom are dealers.

“So if the government can clearly spell out a high set of standards that protect workers from second hand smoke and then effectively monitor the system we can accept that,” the spokesman said.

Elsewhere, casino operators in the Philippines say they want to be exempted from a proposed ban on smoking and drinking in all public places  across the country.

The Philippine Star newspaper quoted the president of a hotel operators group as saying he will meet  with president -elect Rodrigo Duterte later this month to discuss the issue

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