MGM Resorts seeks daily fantasy sports clarity

MGM Resorts seeks daily fantasy sports clarityMGM CEO Jim Murren says there is a need for “clarity” as lawmakers, sports leagues and gaming companies move forward with their respective explorations of daily fantasy wagering.

The fact that different people see differing combinations of obstacles and opportunities is beside the point, Murren said in a letter written to Gov. Brian Sandoval and other members of the Gaming Policy Committee that recently met in Las Vegas for the first time in several years.

“I do not believe it is productive to focus on whether DFS is or is not gambling,” Murren wrote. “The activity is what it is regardless of how it may be characterized from one jurisdiction to the next, and it has already been embraced by all the major professional sports organizations in this country.”

Turning to the clarity issue,” he wrote, “What is important is that there be clarity regarding the legality of this issue and that there be appropriate consumer protections and regulation. To be clear, my company does not view DFS as a competitive threat.

“Indeed, to permit DFS enthusiasts to participate in this exciting pastime, we would like to see it be clearly legal in all jurisdictions in the United States.”

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