Vietnam may let locals gamble

Slot Machine GamingVietnamese citizens may be allowed to gamble in the country’s casino, according to a proposal that awaits government approval after seven years of discussion, according to a report in the Vietnam Investment Review.

Such a policy “could potentially add US$800 million in tax revenue to the state budget,” reported the news outlet, without citing the source of the information.

“We have seen a lot of revisions before the submission in June,” Nguyen Huy Dat, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance’s Lottery and Gambling Division, was quoted saying, as reported by the media outlet.

The report added there is some expectation among casino operators that total investment capital requirements for a casino project in Vietnam would be “at least US$1 billion.”

“We took these issues into consideration when we composed the draft. However, the final decision will be made by the government,” an official was quoted saying.

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